Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Book Review - How to Survive a Shark

"Ahoy, me mateys! Upset your Mom swam away after you were born? Cry me an ocean. You’ve got ME to show you the ropes! Well, at least until I get a craving for baby shark. Swim along and I’ll teach you how to hunt using all six senses (a whole sense more than a human), why you can NEVER stop moving (blimey, no - not even to sleep!), and what your most dangerous threat is (here’s a hint: those sneaky landlubbers don’t even live in our waters!). Aye, me hearties, learning How to Survive as a Shark is not as easy as it sounds! 

How to Survive as a Shark provides a unique take on fish science that will entertain and educate in and out of the classroom. Full of opportunities for extended learning, this book includes fun facts hidden throughout the hilarious illustrated story – and after, a glossary of important terms and some real photos of great white sharks. If you’ve ever wondered how to think and swim like a shark, and you like to laugh while you learn, this book is for you!"

My thoughts: A pirate-talkin' teacher gives a small school of little sharks a crash course on being a shark. Dense with facts about sharks, the prose is like a fun little lecture. Illustrations emphasize the teacher at the center with oodles of underwater onlookers. Back matter includes more info about sharks including a glossary of sharktastic words. Plenty to learn from this book.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fan Favorites - October 2017

"Suppose you are a parent who accepts the idea that children need freedom in order to be happy and to grow in healthy ways. How can you, despite all of the social forces working against you, become a more trusting parent and allow your children more freedom? Here are six suggestions. The first three have to do with restructuring your own thoughts and habits, and the rest have to do with providing a healthy environment for your children."

The "problem child" is a child, not a problem
"Deciding to share power rather than impose it requires a mind-set shift. One might see that as “giving in to the child.” But what would be the point of punishing a child who literally could not sit still?"

25 self-care ideas for exhausted parents
It's essential that parents care for themselves—for their own well-being—but also because any effort they put into self-care has huge payoffs for their children. When parents "fill their own cups," they have more patience, energy, and passion to spread to their families.

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Radical Solution to IEPs, 504s, ALPs, and the Drudgery of Accountability

Homeschool offers us the opportunity to teach and learn without IEPs, 504s, ALPs, and standardized tests. My children get to be their unique selves without the stigma associated with it. They get to pursue their interests, be curious, make decisions, and be productive members of the community early and often.
So it doesn't matter exactly how my children are different because I don't have to figure out a way to make them be the same as everyone else.
And yet, it matters entirely.
By recognizing the different ways my children are drawn to the world, I am able to be the facilitator they need.