Monday, November 23, 2015

Invitation to Learn

"As Partners in Play we occupy a unique part of the educational world. As learners and as teachers, we are not bound by conventional places and ways of learning. We can teach and learn outside of school and without curriculum that might be too scrupulous for its own good. We get to choose what to study and how to study it. We also determine for ourselves when we are satisfied with having learned. Teaching and learning through play is therefore the most meaningful and the most satisfying way to experience the world."

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Color Me Curious

The Fat Brain Toys catalogue arrived in the mail today. As I flipped through the pages a handful of toys piqued my interest. They are all mechanically interesting. Just in case you value my critical eye, I am sharing them here. And in the event you have experience with any of these treasures, please let me know!!

Ukelele (This one we played with at Grandrabbits and the sound is lovely. I think because it is made by an instrument company, not a toy company.)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Inviting My Reluctant Son to Do Art

Yours truly, featured over on the Fat Brain Toys PLAY blog.

"I want to encourage you to listen to your children and find ways that support their creativity. If you need to know how then just try this: make something they've created valuable by connecting it to something big. For example, find your child's version of Mikey's Zentangle Starter Page. Or read a book that shows value in different ways of being creative, like Art, Beautiful Oops, or The Dot. Get them a coloring book that values the scribble. Slowly but surely you and your child will discover the value of his or her art."

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