Friday, June 23, 2017

My Take on Becoming an Usborne Consultant

It is Never the Right Time 

The time is not right. I have just stepped into homeschooling my autistic son; I am finishing a Kickstarter campaign; and I feel burned out emotionally and logistically. 

But you know what? The current Usborne Consultant Enrollment fee is at a two-year low. So I'm taking the plunge.

Less Than Membership to Costco or Amazon Prime

The current enrollment fee to become an Usborne Consultant is only $50! That is less than the yearly membership to Costco or Amazon Prime. AND it is a one-time fee...not a yearly one.

Benefits (In a Nutshell)

1. Lifetime discounts on books, activities, gifts. (25% off)
2. Enrollment Kit (books (!) plus catalogs and a website so when I'm ready I can go for #3...)
3. Opportunity for income (not and obligation)

Opportunities Galore

The opportunities for income and bonuses seem enticing:
- paying off investment
- earning bonuses and mega-discounts on books and products
- earning free trips

If after six months I want to continue with my "consultant" status, then I will have to pay $8/month to maintain the website. (What a steal! I pay $29/month for basic Shopify!)

I am a skeptic of MLM but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a try...especially when the product is one that I can unabashedly support (Usborne books!).

Get it Now, Try at My Pace

I can purchase the Enrollment Kit now for a toehold as an Usborne Consultant at this low-low price and try the selling part at my own pace.

In the mean time, I can attend the online parties (whose ever heard of such a thing?) and learn from my guide (who also happens to be one of my oldest and dearest friends and fellow book-lover).

Click Here to Dive in with Me...

Do you want to take the plunge with me?

p.s. My children LOVE so many of the Usborne books and activities. Unlike becoming a consultant for fashion or skin care, neither of which are in my wheelhouse, becoming a book consultant just makes sense. This is a sampling of what we own by Usborne (not to mention all the Usborne books we borrow from the library).

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day with Educational Music about Nature

Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day (June 10, 2017) with music about natural science and nature safety and awareness by Jeff and Paige.
Download their music (or buy a CD) from

    For National Get Outdoors Day I recommend the album "Get Outdoors!" Here's what you can expect: 
    • A fun, science-based journey into nature! The songs & story combine to create a delightful nature musical for kids! 
    • Their exciting fun-filled concerts and CDs are filled with love of the outdoors and ecology, bringing concepts like insect anatomy, energy conservation and plate tectonics to the whole family. If this sounds lofty for the kiddie set, then think again. Each song is instructive, but never preachy. And the messages are delivered in a playful manner with memorable musical hooks that captivate children and adults alike.