Monday, September 16, 2013

Escargot Tongs

It is fun looking for a preschool for one's child to attend. Together, Mikey and I discovered new games, new toys, and new inspiration for play. We have seen the quiet rooms of a local Montessori where children are fully immersed in their "work." We have strolled the landscape and farm of a Waldorf and seen the fanciful play space where imaginations are nurtured. We have even attended a play-based school where teachers blend best practices from a variety of early childhood education philosophies. Each place has given me food for thought and I have tucked ideas away for rainy days. Here's one...

Escargot tongs fall into the claw/robot category for a preschool engineer. From a developmental standpoint, play with these tongs support fine motor growth. From my point of view, depending on the items to grab, there is opportunity for sorting colors, counting, and making funny sounds when they open and close. For you, I hope you will see the escargot tongs in a new preschool engineering light.

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