Saturday, February 8, 2014

Toy Review: Bruder Conveyor Belt

I don't know about you but my preschool engineers have been interested in the power of conveyor belts for a long time. First, blankets were used to convey things across a table. Then leftover screen material from a home improvement project was sewn together (obviously with my help) so the conveyor was a belt. Bulldozers were turned up side down so the tracks could be repurposed as conveyor belts. Finally, my sister-in-law delivered a treasured toy - the Bruder Conveyor Belt.

I had no idea that this toy existed. I didn't see it on the shelves of any of the toy stores I have been in between October and December. It never popped up as one of those recommendations from Amazon (you know the ones..."Customers who bought this truck also bought this conveyor belt.") But on Christmas morning when Mikey tore into the gift from my brother's family none of us could believe our eyes. It is a bonafide conveyor belt. The boom can be raised and lowered. The track is sticky enough to carry all sorts of rubble up (blocks, cars, creatures, sand, rocks, name it). The crank is simple, sturdy and uses a level of power that my two year old can turn but my four year old doesn't break.

This toy is an easy one to recommend. It is the toughest Bruder toy we've tried and it fills a niche that is otherwise sometimes tricky/frustrating to approximate.

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