Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not Your Average Coloring Book

Let's face it. Coloring is glorified scribbling. Scribbling in small spaces, with closely aligned strokes, but scribbling none-the-less.

Scribbling is about all my 5 year old son will do. My 2.5 year old daughter colors. I try to find qualities that I like in each of their work - Mikey's exuberant color, Anna's small patches of carefully drawn strokes. But Mikey's no fool and I wonder how he feels about the discrepancies. He has long avoided fine motor work and since coloring isn't interesting to him, it is the last thing he would choose to do with his time.

Enter a new coloring book. It is a coloring book unlike any coloring book we've ever seen. It is called "The Scribble Book" by Herve Tulllet. "Scribble" makes Mikey's scribbles valuable; it invites Anna to color outside the lines.
Mikey's Coloring Work from School, which is required.
Mikey's Work in "Scribble" that was voluntary.

"Add some dust, otherwise the vacuum cleaner will get bored." How silly is that?!

For a kid like mine, "Scribble" will offer a comfortable and credible place to enter the world of coloring. That invitation is invaluable to a parent like me, who has a "special" needs kid at home. It is a wonderful tool for what I have come to consider at-home occupational therapy. Otherwise, it is a pretty cool coloring book that might blow your mind. In fact, you might want to get two for you and one for your child. Or maybe check out the other coloring books by Herve Tullet like "Doodle Cook" or "The Coloring Book."

Cover of "The Scribble Book"


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