Sunday, September 21, 2014

LEGO Crazy Contraptions

The Bottom Shelf...
The bonus of shopping with preschoolers is that they find things in stores that I would otherwise not see. After I looked up in search of a gift for a friend, I spied Mikey crouched down and looking at something with the Lego icon in the corner. It looked pretty neat but we weren't there looking for toys for us. Before I had two children melting down because they found things for themselves (in addition to things for their friends), I made a bee-line to the exit and made a mental note to look into that Lego book at home. What I discovered was something too cool not to share with you!

...It Isn't about Bottom Quality...
"Crazy Action Contraptions" is just like the Vintage Legos I wrote about last month, just on a smaller scale. The book comes with the classic picture instructions for building a variety of mechanically interesting contraptions including a claw, a spinning top "launcher" and a vehicle with spring-loaded propulsion. It has cranks and gears and belts and stuff.

...It is about Treasures for Young People
With help, young children can have fun building a bunch of different things. And, without help, the ambitious preschooler can learn to follow instructions, work on fine motor development, and accomplish small projects.

Michaels coupons are not eligible for this toy but Fat Brain Toys gives a discount off MSRP. So, go get it at there! Click the link below and search "Klutz Lego." Order and wait impatiently for your new toy to arrive!

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