Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week in Review

This is for all you weekday warriors out there who check in with Facebook on the weekends. It is a review of the most popular posts.

Announcing the Preschool Engineering aStore

I'm excited to announce my custom-designed Amazon store! I have chosen books and toys and other treasures specifically for Preschool Engineers. It is an on-going project so I will be adding things regularly for you to discover.
There are gifts sets including a book and toys inspired by it. I also put together some lists of Tiny Treasures for stuffing easter eggs or baskets as well as DIY Engineer Stash party favors.
Access using the link below or the "Shop Now" button at the top of the Preschool Engineering Facebook page.

Toy Review: Haba Block and Tackle

"The pulley system is a huge hit with everyone who comes to play - adults and children alike. It is a novel and powerful machine. But, mounted between two level of house (or treehouse) it also affords practice in communication and cooperation, and that makes the toy priceless for Preschool Engineering."

The Elimination Diet No One is Talking About
"Both of my children, one special needs and one neurotypical, have reaped rewards from eliminating screens. We read more books; we build more contraptions; and, we spin more original stories than I ever thought imaginable. We are all more happy more of the time. I like it this way."

If You Send Your Kid to a Private School, You are a Bad Person
This article was controversial and a conversation starter! Here's my comment:
Preschool Engineering Well this certainly started conversations! I've been thinking about this article a lot and I have come to two conclusions. First, no matter where your child goes to school it is important to be invested in their do your best to connect in the out-of-school hours and help shape how they learn. Second, I think the author is missing a HUGE problem with the system and it is that public schools are by nature neighborhood schools and the weakest schools are typically in neighborhoods with parents just barely scraping by to make ends meet. Working two or three jobs just to pay rent and put food on the table would probably not allow for much time or energy to "invest" in anything. Until society finds a way to connect and support education across neighborhood lines, it doesn't matter much if upper middle class children are attending their own rich neighborhood school or a private one down the road.

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