Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beyond Measure

It was just before Father's Day 2015 and I was at the store perusing greeting cards when I saw something perfect for my dad - or almost perfect. It was a picture of a tape measure that said, "Dad, you are wonderful beyond measure." and on the inside it said, "That's the long and short of it." 

I thought that is pretty cool but I could do one better. So I did and I think you'll love this project for anyone in your family who is a maker. 

Here's what you'll need:
- one roll of yellow ribbon,
- one piece of yellow paper,
- a sharpie or other marker,
- some finesse on the computer,
- a straightedge, 
- glue, and
- black tape.

First, trace the ribbon holder to make two circles on the yellow paper. Cut the circles out and paste them to the ribbon roll.

Use a straight edge to mark a line where the ribbon holder should have it's bottom. (Be careful not to measure too high or you'll end up cutting the inner tube of the holder.)

Cut each side of the ribbon holder.

Then use your word processor to make two black circles with white font, saying whatever you want. I typed "Dad, you are wonderful beyond measure" on one and "Happy Father's Day!" on the other.

Print the circles, cut them out, and paste them to the ribbon holder.

Lastly, unroll the ribbon a bit and write a special message on the inside and cap the end of the ribon with some black tape.

And Voila! 

You'll need to either hand-deliver this card or package it in a bubble envelope. Either way, it will be an awesome gift for the maker in your family!

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