Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who Knew? International Ungulate Day

Who knew there was such a thing as "International Ungulate Day?!" In the spirit of celebration, I invite you to enjoy an original song about Ungulates. (If you don't know what an ungulate is, don't can learn right alongside your kids. And here's a hint: it has hooves and fur.)

“Ungulates” was produced as part of the Mighty Wolf album, which is available for purchase at Choose to buy the whole album or download the song here:

The dynamic duo has ten years of experience making science inviting, accessible, and interesting for all learners - children and adults alike. Sixty-one songs produced on five albums, three of which are musical stories, feature masterful and educational song lyrics and melodies that entertain and educate. Albums by Jeff & Paige have been awarded the Parents’ Choice® Award, the National Parenting Product Award, and the Creative Child Magazine Award. They are married and live in Boulder, CO with their son, Wolf.

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