Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vlog - Walking and Talking

Finding a Way in Vlogging

We have been learning about Vlogging and watched some videos by Casey Neistat, a successful Vlogger and entrepreneur. It has opened Mikey's range for story-telling as well as demonstrating some wonderful outings we do for our homeschooling/unschooling life.

(He still plans to do Magna-tile Vlogs, too.)


This is the first video along the lines of what we call "Free-Learning." (I didn't like the term "Unschooling" so I coined this new term because I think it describes better what we do.)

Much like rock-climbing without being tethered to ropes and anchors is called "Free-Climbing," Free-Learning is a way of learning without being tethered to a school or predetermined plan. It comes with risks that are equal to the rewards of learning done of your own volition, rooted in interest and enthusiasm that comes with self-directed experiential learning.

Walking and Talking

This was the first time we have ever completed a loop hike. Normally, we do short out-and-back hikes with a hefty dose of digging in dirt or building with rocks and sticks in the middle. On this walk we talked about everything from astronomy, physics, geology, ethics, and environmental science.

And featured in this video is Mikey's new song set to a tune he learned from Mr. Hoffman at the Hoffman Academy.

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