Thursday, June 13, 2013

An All-in-one Game

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My 3.5 year old really enjoys playing on our iPad. I allow him to "goggle in" when I nurse his sister and I am always excited to see what discoveries he's made. He plays what appear to be conventional "educational games" like "BOB" and "Fish School" along with "play" games like "Toca House" and "Trucks." The most compelling games for him are the ones that give him the chance to build crazy-mechanical inventions that are otherwise impossible to build.

"Bad Piggies" is our current favorite preschool engineering app. Each level of the game is set in a different setting of hills, ramps, holes, and other obstacles. The player must create a vehicle that will transport a Piggie from start to finish.

This game has it all. It has an easy interface for a preschooler to drag and drop to build vehicles. It has awesome features that are available and/or required for the vehicle to succesfully complete the obstacle course. Each level offers increasingly more options to propel the vehicle including motors, propellers, balloons, punching gloves, fizzy shaking soda bottles, rockets, fans, and more!

Here are links to the game in the iTunes store: Bad Piggies HD - Rovio Entertainment Ltd; and There are free versions and cheap versions of the game to download.

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