Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cherry Pitter

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The summer solstice is upon us and with it comes thoughts of summer holidays, activities, and super-fun food! In fact, we saw our first bag of cherries just last week and alongside them an aptly-placed display of a new preschool engineering toy.

Never-before-seen, the novelty of the cherry pitter was appealing to Mikey. Upon closer inspection it remained pretty awesome. It looks like a claw that opens and closes. It has a bucket of some sort. There is a funny-looking puncher ready and waiting to do its work. Plus, it is the perfect size for a preschooler's hands. The new kitchen gadget fell right into the cart.

When we got home I put Mikey to work with a bag of cherries and the cherry pitter. He was delighted that it worked as he suspected it would and very quickly decided to test it out on other materials. Play-doh was first, then paper, next a piece of bread, and the list goes on and on and on.

I do not need a cherry pitter. I like to roll the fruit around in my mouth and play with it until the pit is ready to be spit out. Plus, my kitchen and house is already filled to the brim with stuff. If I could rent this kind of thing then I would...until I start my toy library that just won't be an option. But my days are best when Mikey has something interesting to figure out, something new to dissect or take apart, a new tool with which to experiment. So I will make room in my kitchen for the cherry pitter and a dozen other kitchen tools, too.

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