Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camming Devices

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When I lived in Colorado I discovered the rock climbing community. I was never destined to become a true rock dweller but that didn't stop me from enjoying some climbs and admiring the gear. Now that I have a preschool engineer to educate, I have knowledge of camming devices as a surprise up my sleeve.

From Wiki:
A cam is "a piece of rock climbing or mountaineering protection equipment. It consists of two, three, or four cams mounted on a common axle or two adjacent axles, so that pulling on the axle forces the cams to spread farther apart. The cam is used by pulling on the "trigger" (a small handle) so the cams move together, then inserting it into a crack or pocket in the rock and releasing the trigger to allow the cams to expand."
 Here is a visual aid:

Just Another Toy
So there you have it...another "toy" idea for a preschool engineer to figure out. As we head out for weekend camping trips I can hardly wait to see where my son sticks his cam to get it stuck.

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