Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Vacation

There are countless reasons I love traveling for family vacation. I love leaving our stuff - toys, books, clutter - behind. I love going places that are not packed with new stuff - toys, books, clutter - so we are practically forced to get out and discover new natural things. I love having our entire family unit together from dawn 'til dusk. Me, my amazing husband, and my two awesome kids on adventures together every day - it just doesn't get any better than that!

This summer we had the privilege to spend a week at Crystal Mountain Resort in northern Michigan. The resort was beautifully landscaped with ponds for hunting frogs, a slackline for us to practice being balanced, pools for splashing and an ice cream stand. But the highlight for me and for my preschool engineer was the Michigan Legacy Art Park - though for different reasons.

I liked the Art Park because of its beautiful setting in a forest of rolling hills, densely-packed native trees, and the historical inspiration for each sculpture. I liked dragging my family up and down the paths, exclaiming whenever I found something that tickled my fancy. I liked having our morning snack while sitting on a boulder and breathing in the fresh midwestern air. Two hours spent away in the woods was rejuvenating.

My son liked the Art Park because of the dirt, the sticks, the occasional trail maps to read, and the surprise of discovering sculptures of tools - most notably, the saws. Here are there we came across circular saw blades that had been integrated into the surroundings. (They represented Michigan's historical logging economy.) These repurposed saws and larger-than-life sculptures were his favorite pieces of art.

I am pleased that we were able to get out. I am tickled that we found something so appropriate for my preschool engineer. It makes me wonder where are other unsuspecting places we will find things to fascinate my preschool engineer...

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