Monday, November 25, 2013

Preschool Engineer Apparel

Want to give your kid a shirt with gears on it? I have designed two lines of Preschool Engineer apparel at The "Original" line has printing on the front side that says "Preschool Engineer" with three gears surrounding the text. The "Do Not Disturb" line has the same front that the Originals and on the back it says, "Do Not Disturb - Preschool Engineer at Work," with gears in between the phrases. (See the pictures below for how they look on my preschool engineers.)

There are two ways to shop for Preschool Engineer goods and apparel. The least expensive way is to go directly to my storefront ( I have only marked up the apparel by $1. The other way to shop is from the Cafepress marketplace ( searching for "preschool engineer." Then you will get the price that Cafepress collects for the goods but I still only receive $1.

To see how I spend the money see my "Philanthropy" page.

[Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I receive a small referral fee at no cost to you. To see how I spend the money see my "Philanthropy" page. ]

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