Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year, Fans of Preschool Engineering! With a steadily growing number of fans, I am really looking forward to 2014. When I first started this blog I imagined writing book reviews, ideas for play and experimentation, and reviews of toys. Based on feedback from my fans, my blogging and my Facebook and Google+ sharing has grown to be much more!

I include articles on play-based preschool education (often from Teacher Tom). I share my experience of parenting (how to see spontaneous sculpture as not-so-annoying). I pass along articles I find about parenting that seem relevant to preschool engineering (often from Janet Lansbury). And my favorite...hearing from fans and passing along cool things they have discovered.

I am very excited to write for you and to hear from you this year. I hope to continue to share insights on how toddler and preschooler play is, in fact, the highest form of learning. I believe that preschool engineering education, and pre-STEM education in general, happens every day...sometimes spurred by the discovery of a perfect toy or book and sometimes by simply being outside in the dirt.

I invite you to read along, to share your experiences, and to show me what your preschool engineer is up to!

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