Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Raising Money for the National Autism Association

Last year I wrote a few articles for the Fat Brain Toys blog called "Play:" "For the Love of Dirt" was the first and my favorite but "Why Toy Design Matters for Mom" was the best. Then I started making some purchases from them and I started getting really excited about their customer service. I mean, who can argue with a few dollar bonus for merely reviewing a toy you've purchased? (This isn't exclusive to me...I'm pretty sure all customers have that opportunity.) And to top it off Fat Brain Toys is a "small" American business from the heartland.

You can imagine that I was honored to be invited to join their exclusive advertising team. So, along with links to Amazon to track down some of my favorite Preschool Engineering books, I will also include links to Fat Brain Toys for you to track down some of my favorite Preschool Engineering toys. At no cost to you, I get a referral bonus, and as stated on my "Philanthropy" page, the first $100 I earn plus thirty percent thereafter will be donated to the National Autism Association.

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