Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring's Most Popular Preschool Engineering Tidbits

Here is a quick summary of the most popular items I have shared on Facebook in the last 90 days.

1. This is a video I shared and called it "Learning about Fluid Dynamics." It is very cool and is a wonderful example of experiential STEM learning.

2. This is a link to an article that I skimmed and found some good but pedestrian science experiments for kids. My favorite was one I had not seen before - the Marshmallow Catapult. It is also the one I thought would interest my readers the most!

3. Number three I discovered via Tinkerlab, a favorite resource of mine. "Oh boy! Projectile Motion" is a link to a PBS page with video and instructions for making an "indoor" slingshot from everyday items.

4. A current popular debate is happening about whether or not the "best" building toys come with instructions to follow. This is a blog post from Planet Smarty Pants called "Tips on Open-ended Lego Building."

5. Learning about Kandinsky and sneaking in math, fine motor and spacial awareness at the same time

6. This one is all mine. After reading "iggy peck, architect" I have two newly inspired architects. Here's a link to my review.

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