Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Small Toys

I've come across a handful of small toys that have been big hits in our place. Here are more small toys  (in this season, labeled stocking stuffers) for you to think about...

Party Bath Light. I discovered this toy at Michaels but I don't recommend buying it there. The price tag is $15 and is exempt from all the coupons. It is only $9.50 on Amazon so if you have time to wait for it to ship then I would head over there. This light is water proof and has provided a lot of giggle in the dark and in a dark bath. The lights change colors and provide a pretty cool light show both above and under the water.

Target Party Favors. If you find yourself in Target then consider swinging by their "party favor" section to find a handful of mechanically interesting toys for under $5:

Grabber Claw $3.

Propeller Launcher $3.

Top $2.
Spinning Top

Assemble Your Own Straws
- A version of these are available at Target as Spritz brand party favors but I can't find it online. Just keep your eyes peeled...or buy them at Fat Brain Toys...
- NUOP makes some available at Fat Brain Toys.

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