Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birthday Gifts

A birthday is coming up and there is a lot of excitement around here. My daughter announces to everyone that her birthday is coming. She'll turn three years old! And while I'm not big on adding clutter to the house, I appreciate the excitement of presents, cake, and celebrating with friends. Here is what is on the docket:

1) An Experience. My daughter has been asking for a year now to cut her hair short like her brother's bowl cut. Her hair is very fine and does not hold a rubber band and it is constantly in her face. I had originally promised to cut it after her auntie's wedding in June and I had hoped she would forget the request because I love her blond locks. But she hasn't forgotten. So for her birthday I will be giving her the experience of going to a salon. This is certain to go over because of her interest in Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventure's Lemon Meringue and her salon.
Lemon working at her salon.

1.5) Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. I heard through the grapevine that an auntie and uncle are sending Strawberry shortcake mix-n-match dolls. This will be playing on a theme for my daughter. And, mixing and matching are fundamental science skills; color and shape exploring are pre-math. For those of you short on space who have a preschooler who is interested in exploring the technology of salons, cutting, etc., the Bridge Direct makes single dolls.
Bridge Direct

Mix and Match

2) A Book. As you might expect, I always have a book on the list of gifts for holidays and celebrations. This year I've chosen "Bob and Otto" by Bruel. It is a great story about friendship. It explores the different interests of friends and how those interests sometimes take each friend on their own path. But despite pursuing different interests, the friends reunite, still friends! This is her favorite book right now and she is always sad to return it to the library. 

3) A Toy - Magnifying Glass. As much as I love seeing my daughter look through empty paper towel rolls and exclaiming that she's using her magnifying glass, I think she might just love a "real" one of her own. There are various sizes, offering diffferent levels of magnification, and at all different prices. But here is one for sale at Fat Brain Toys. It is called the "Jumbo Magnifier" and would be a great add-on to a larger order. 
Jumbo Magnifier

4) Twig Building Blocks. A generous grandparent sent a check and asked me to decide on a gift. So, I ordered some new blocks to add to her stash. These Twigs should be received well because one of my daughters favorite things to do is build houses (complete with block furniture) for LEGO people. Twigs are made by Fat Brain Toys, with whom I am affiliated, and before you baulk at paying for shipping, rest assured that the shipping is super fast and the customer service is impeccable. (The quality of their products and their service is why I am very excited to have been invited to join their team.)
So there you have it. She will be receiving an experience, a book and a toy, plus some builders and dolls. I am currently brainstorming the party favors for her party, which will resemble the engineer stashes we gave for my son's, but will be decidedly inspired by my daughter's interests in painting.

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  1. You might have a girly girl on your hands after the "salon experience." Gooood luck!
    I'm kidding! in all honesty, she's going to love it. What fun to pretend to be Strawberry and Lemon and be pampered in a salon. Can I come?! Enjoy.