Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blow Me Away

Doh! I knew Valentine's day was coming up but I completely forgot what comes along with it when you have children in school. I'm not going to debate the merits of giving Valentines to a couple dozen people. Frankly, I like to give gifts when I feel inspired to do so. Luckily, I got a little inspiration just in the knick of time this year. 

When I dropped my kid off at preschool I checked our "school mailbox" and found a note with all of the children's names on it and instructions to provide something for each child. I suspect it was just an invitation...certainly not a mandate. Knowing that Michaels had a 50% entire purchase event last Sunday I suspected that the Valentine's day stuff would be in small supply today. I was right but I was also looking for something mechanically interesting to give (in lieu of candy). What I found delighted me. 

In the party favors section of the store I found 18 bubble wands and tubes by Creatology. Somehow "You Blow Me Away" occurred to me as a cheesy-enough Valentine wish and our Preschool Engineering Valentines were born. The are mechanically interesting, not candy, and easy enough to put together.

My child can barely write his name so I knew mass production would be the way to go. And since all the mass produced cards were gone, we'll have to mass produce ourselves. I printed labels saying "You Blow Me Away!" and adhered them to some red construction paper. (Sticking stickers is something a child could help with but I wanted to get a picture of one for you ASAP.) I punched a hole in the paper, embellished with a sparkly heart sticker, and strung it up together with a bubble tube using gift ribbon. Voila! A bubble tube/You Blow Me Away/Preschool Engineering necklace Valentine...
You Block Me Away Valentine
...Eighteen necklaces for the low price of $5 plus some elbow grease.

p.s. Slinkys were also on my list but there weren't any affordable choices in the store. Maybe next year I'll order ahead...

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