Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Conflict of Ideas

The weather is turning. It is time for wearing layers - allowing us to stay warm during our morning walk to school and then to peel off long sleeves when the afternoon sun shines down. That, of course, is how I understand layers. My preschooler has a different point of view.

To her a tutu under her dress counts as "dressing in layers." And she's right. However, a tutu under your skirt is less about function and more about form. So this morning when she came out of her room dressed and ready to go, I gently suggested that she put on some pants or leggings to keep herself warm. I even went so far as to suggest that she also wear a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt too, which she rebuffed.

As she put on her striped leggings under her polka-dotted dress (layered with a sparkly tutu), I decided that I would take my small victory. I pulled a long sleeve shirt off a hanger in her closet and carried it with me. To my surprise, her hands and arms felt warm to the touch the whole walk to school. She was in high spirits, clearly her comfort was unaffected by the cool morning breeze.

Our conflict of ideas about what she should wear to school will probably be a life-long conversation. We will discuss what is appropriate and what is not appropriate based on both form (social decorum) and function (weather). But in the end, it will be the creative compromises we negotiate that will be valuable, cherished even.

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