Monday, November 7, 2016

A Must-Have Tool for Autumn

Always on the Lookout for Claws
We are always on the lookout for mechanically interesting toys. The search includes everything from cool trucks to clever uses for simple machines and includes toy stores, kitchen stores, and hardware store.

Using Rakes as Shovels
I have a distinct memory of using a rake as a shovel every autumn. I would rake leaves into a giant pile, maybe play in it or let me little sister play in it, and then begin the laborious work of scooping leaves into a bag or wheelbarrow to transport to compost. I would flip the rake upsidedown and use my hand to fill it with leaves.

Leaf Scoops Solve Two Preschool Engineering Problems at Once
Enter "Leaf Scoops."

They are claws.

They are a simple solution to the precarious balancing act of scooping and hauling leaves at the end of a rake.

They are an invitation for preschool engineers to help with the work of life during autumn.

Find a Set for Your Family
You can order a set for yourself at Amazon but I have also seen them at local megastores. Now that you know they exist, I'm sure you can find a pair (or two)for your family.

Happy Autumn!

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