Saturday, November 19, 2016

Get Going with Toys: Two Small Toys that Get Big Moves

For the Love of Something NEW & Just for Them
I love watching children exchange gifts. They cannot wait to see what their friend or loved one chose especially for them. Their enthusiasm for and interest in receiving something new to play with and learn about is unparalleled.

Sometimes they can’t wait to start building their new LEGO set, reading their new book, or playing a new board game. But we often celebrate birthdays at playgrounds and I love to see children unwrap a gift that makes them take off running.

Not All Smart Play Involves Sitting and Building
Running, climbing, jumping, and simply playing outdoors is imperative for healthy development. And it might surprise you that the author of Preschool Engineering is a wild advocate for getting away from technology, toys, indoor life, and heading outside to live and learn. But I am.

Gotta Get ‘em Moving
I am because I have learned that gross motor development evolves with cognitive and language development. So it stands to reason that we need to provide plenty of opportunity for children to get outdoors and move. In doing so, we support our children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Get Going with Toys: Two Small Toys that Get Big Moves
One of my favorite tricks to get kids moving is by offering toys that invite them to take off running as soon as the toy comes out of the box. And, in my experience, the most effective toys are ones that get your children to fly.

  1. Wings by Dreamy Dress-up. They smoosh down into a ball I can hold in one hand, but unravel into child-size wings. I have never seen a child put them on and stand still. Instead, they put out their arms, flap a couple times, and start to fly.

  1. Flying Vehicles. Our favorite flyers are helicopters that fit in small hands and can hold a LEGO figure (or other small creature). That is because it is practically impossible to hold a helicopter, rocketship, or airplane without making it fly. I dare you to try.

3, 2, 1, Blastoff!

The countdown has begun. (In fact, does it ever stop? There always seems to be a chance for gift-giving around the corner.) What gift will you give that will get the child in your life moving?

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