Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rediscover THIS Childhood Game

The door to the toy room swung lazily open. On the tips of my toes, I snuck quietly into the room, spun my back to the wall, and squeezed behind the door. Small voices called out, “eight, nine, ten!” Then the pitter patter of two sets of feet began to gently drum the tile floor.

A small gap held open by the hinges of the door did not give away my location but through it I could spy my children scurrying back and forth along the hall. As a toddler and a preschooler the 1800 square foot house must have felt enormous. And I can only imagine how liberating, exciting, and slightly scared they must have felt without my conspicuous presence.

It was so fun and so funny that I thought my smile might be too loud. So when they scurried past me for what seemed the gazillionth time I pretended to stifle a laugh. “Tee hee.”

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