Friday, April 12, 2013

Egg Beater

Who still uses a hand-powered egg beater any more? For most at-home cooks, it is likely considered an obsolete tool and just another thing to clutter a kitchen drawer. In the eyes of a preschool engineer it is a fabulous set of gears and a crank and spinning whisks! What an amazing toy!

The Kitchen Toy
I haven't seen a hand-powered egg beater in Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target. I was inspired when I visited my parents and saw an antique one hanging as decoration in their kitchen. As usual, I started at and found several options but went for the Norpro Rotary Egg Beater.

The Book
No learning experience is complete in our house without doing a little reading in books. I haven't found a book all about egg beaters but on page 40 in Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever (Golden Bestsellers Series) there is a little piggy using an egg beater just like Mikey's. What a delight.

An Inspiring Video
I handed the egg beater to Mikey. I knew he would help in the kitchen with it but I was interested to know how Mikey viewed this fabulous piece of engineering. He took it to his rice box to see how the rice would react to the egg beater. Sure enough, the egg beater became a truck - a disc trencher. Just for fun, here is a YouTube video of a disc trencher.


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