Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Perfect Gifts for a Preschool Engineer's First Birthday

I love to give gifts to people. I love it especially when I find what I think is the "perfect" gift. This past year I got to buy gifts for two little girls on their first birthday. And I found two Preschool Engineering gifts that I was so excited about that I struggled between wanting to keep them for myself and my family and enjoying the delight of our tiny friend.

These toys cost about the same amount, $30. Each one is safe for one year olds, according the the manufacturer. And, when unwrapped, each one was an immediate and HUGE hit.

Tegu Pocket Pouch

The Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism is a set of magnetic wooden blocks. Yes, you heard that right! There are magnets that are just the right strength inside the wooden shapes. The wooden shapes and finished in beautiful colors and sanded so smooth that they are beautiful to touch and to see.

I love how the angles of the shapes provide opportunity to build new shapes...more than just a square and a square to make a rectangle. The triangles can be triangles, squares, trapezoids, and more. They can be made to look like animals or just long strings of blocks that stick together.

But the magnetic fun doesn't have to stop in the toy room! They can stick to vertical surfaces like the door of the refrigerator to add a different element of physics to the build. They can be taken in the car for short or long roadtrips. They are small enough to stash in the diaper bag to take to the doctor's office. These little gems and a have-to-give gift!


Rolligo is a new toy from Fat Brain Toys. I bought it for so many reasons and it was a huge hit for my one year old friend! First, it is mechanically interesting. So it qualifies to be a Preschool Engineering toy. The balls gently touch each other and as the toy is pushed by the white handle, the balls move like bearings. Second, the balls are a perfect size for one year old hands to grasp but large enough to not be  a choking hazard. And, oh how a one year old loves to throw balls, right?! The balls come out of the white handle and can be tossed around. What is more, the balls can be put back in the white handle easily enough by a one year old, which is another favorite toddler pasttime - taking things out and putting them in.

If you are looking for right-out-of-the-box-fun, then get the Rolligo!

Rolligo Video

Which one will you buy for your friend?!

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