Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nature's Alphabet Art

Laila Kujala is a hard artist to track down. I only know her because my mother-in-law is resourceful, has great taste and stumbled upon Kujala's "Alphabet Art" in her local Michigan travels. A quick peek at Kujala's blog shows a few pictures of her Alphabet Art and with some digging one can find her artist page on fineartamerica.com. But her work is so cool and right up our alley so I have to share it with you.

Among other things, Kujala makes "Alphabet Art." Seeing shapes in the world is just what our preschoolers need to be doing in order to develop pre-literacy, pre-science and pre-math skills. Kujala's art shows us a new way of finding shapes, particularly letters, in nature. 

She has three series of nature alphabet art: one alphabet made of flowers, one made of forest trees, and one made of sand

This art is something special for families of preschool engineers. Not only do we get to enjoy some beautiful art but we can draw inspiration from it. Just imagine going on a letter scavenger hunt! With a camera in tow, look to find each of the letters of the alphabet in nature. It will certainly be a game to play this summer!

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