Monday, May 9, 2016

A Bowlful of Memories

It can be overwhelming for me to have a plan that I don't follow. So anything seasonal or attached to the holidays needs to be simple enough that it fits into our busy lives. Care in point - Easter.

I love the idea of tradition - doing something every year to celebrate. This year I started a tradition that is simple enough that a small child can do it but open enough that the activity can grow as my children grow: decorating keepsake eggs.

I went to Michaels in search of wooden eggs, thinking that would have the longevity I"m hoping for. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. But to my delight I found a really cool alternative. Cardboard eggs.

They are lightweight and the outside covering seems like the perfect consistency for taking color from everything from sharpies to watercolor paints. In fact, it comes with color for dunking, which I think would be a lovely way for a young toddler to participate.

So my ever-so-small plan for our spring tradition is for each person in my family to decorate an egg each year. I will stash them away in our crowded garage and bring them out to display in the spring in a pretty bowl. In a few short years we will have a colorful bowlful of memories. Memories of sitting together painting, drawing or dunking eggs, leaving our impression of the day on a small treasured token of the season.

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