Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fan the Spark

Thanks to Paige Doughty of Jeff and Paige for sharing this lovely text. It is exactly the sentiment of what it means to be an advocate for playful, independent STEAM learners.

Fan the Spark by William Martin

Your children plan their own education,
like it or not.
You must learn to cooperate with that plan.
If they are drawing,
the become artists.
If they are reading,
they become students.
If they are investigating something,
they become scientists.
If they are helping prepare a meal,
they become chefs.
Whatever they are doing,
they are learning.
And it is, for them,
pure joy.

Can you refrain from judging their interests?
Can you give them room to explore?
Schools do not often do this.
You may be the only one
who can fan the spark of their creativity
into a flame of joy.

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