Monday, July 11, 2016

4 New Musical Selections for Preschool Engineers

What excitement is generated when we hear songs that feature science, technology, engineering, and math topics! Since I wrote our Top 5 Songs for Preschool Engineers, we have discovered two new musical groups who sing about STEM topics. Check out Jeff & Paige and the Laurie Berkner Band! Plus, Rob Gardner has two new albums of Truck Tunes!

21st Century Energy Superheroes by Jeff & Paige
Tired of eco-doom and gloom? "21st Century Energy Superheroes" is an educational & solutions focused journey into climate change and energy conservation. The songs, woven together by a story, will keep the whole family captivated from start to finish! 

Rocketship Run by The Laurie Berkner Band
The story woven through the CD isn't as good as Jeff & Paige musical stories but the first couple songs on this album are loved by both of my young children: Rocketship Run and Mouse in my Toolbox.

The Marvelous Toy performed by Peter, Paul and Mary
"It only made sense when Peter, Paul & Mary released this "kiddies" LP in 1969, beginning a trend they've returned to throughout their career. Mary Travers had indeed recently become a "mommy," and the trio celebrate here not only with a new version of their classic tune and the traditional "Mockingbird," but clever children's songs from the likes of Tom Paxton, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Shel Silverstein." 

The Marvelous Toy is a perfect and compelling description of a mechanically interesting toy.

Truck Tunes by Rob Gardner
Sing along with ten cool original songs as you follow these tough construction and timber trucks at work. Dig a deep hole with an Excavator. Scoop dirt with a Front End Loader. Smash up asphalt and concrete with an Impact Hammer. Written and performed by award-winning artist Rob Gardner, these irresistible songs will have you laughing and singing along. Songs include, That's What an Excavator Does, Dozer for Short, The Forklift Boogie, D is for Delimber and many more. There is something for kids of all ages here. We dare you to try and find a better way to spend 34.5 minutes than Truck Tunes. Your truck education continues with Truck Tunes 2 and Truck Tunes 3! 

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