Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top 5 Songs

What childhood could be complete without music? For my fella, music is best when he connects with the lyrics. Below are some of our favorite songs/collections for preschool engineering. It will be up to you whether you download some MP3s and make a collection for your child or buy an entire album (MP3 or CD). Enjoy!

5. Water Sand Rocks and Clay. If you haven't read my article about dirt then you may not have realized yet that water, sand, rocks, and clay are some of the most mechanically interesting things in the world. But when you pause to think about it, these naturally occuring "toys" are some of the most beloved things in a preschooler's life. Brady Rymer sings about it so well for kids. If you want a grown up's song about dirt then list to Red Hot Chili Peppers sing "I Like Dirt": I Like Dirt - Californication.  (My kids love to mosh to this one.)

Song: Water, Sand, Blocks and Clay - iTunes
Album: Amazon.

4. Big Green Tractor. This song by Jason Aldean is one of my kid's favorite songs. It might just be that it accompanies a YouTube video of a little boy who has a tractor, a trailer, and a smaller tractor on the trailer...all of which he drives himself. Regardless, it is one of those songs that a preschool engineer can connect with and sing or hum along.

Song: iTunes and Amazon.

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3. A Moose in a Treehouse. This is a counting song. A moose sings about how many cookies he is eating. First he eats 12 and then he counts by 2s, 3s, and 4s to reveal that he's eaten 48 cookies! Here is the YouTube video I made: Moose Multiplication. Or you can buy the song from Amazon or the entire album from iTunes or Amazon! Either way, counting and cookies should be a big hit for your little person.

Album: Moose Tunes for Kids - Brent Holmes & Marty the Moose, Amazon.
Song: Amazon.

2. The Hammerhead Shark and the Sawfish. The introduction to this song features a chainsaw revving the engine. What excitement for my kid to hear that shrill squeal without having the risk of an actual powertool turned on! I remember him running out of his room to share his discovery with me! "Mama, come listen!" The song is about a shark and a sawfish that build a boat that doesn't float...but that's OK because a shark doesn't need a boat that floats! Aside from the sound of a powertool, the failed attempt to build something awesome might also resonate with your preschool engineer.

Song: The Hammerhead Shark & the Sawfish - Sea Tunes for Kids, Amazon.
Album: Sea Tunes for Kids - Brent Holmes, Amazon.

1. Truck Tunes. OK, so this isn't a song, it is an entire album, but it is the most played CD in the house and car. For Mikey's birthday his grandparents bought him the $19.95 set of DVDs, CD and t-shirt. The songs are snappy, educational, and sure to delight a preschool engineer. BTW, my daughter loves it, too.

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