Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Again! Truck Book Review

My kid loves to read...or rather be read to. He is a little bookworm and we all have our favorite stories. Sometimes we agree about the quality of a book but sometimes we disagree. Case in point - the Scholastic "Tonka" series.

In fact, whenever Mikey gets his hands on one of three books we are rolling our eyes and wondering why we didn't donate the books while they were out of vogue. "Working Hard with the Mighty Loader," "I'm A Great Big Monster Truck," and "If I Had a Bulldozer" are just no good. The stories aren't interesting or written all that well. The images are OK but pale in comparison to Catrow's, Lovelock's and McElmurry's illustrations. Sometimes I wonder if the books were written just to have a child lust after a novel-looking truck to add to his collection of toys. Indeed, one of our most-used toys is the Tonka Trencher...it matches the image in the Tonka book perfectly! Nevertheless, we find ourselves re-reading these books with our child because it is truly delightful to see his eyes light up and to hear him exclaim about something new he's thought of this time around.

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  1. There is one other young boy at our local library that is also obsessed with trucks and his mom and I have worked out a rotation for the truck books, the one that both boys have the hardest time sharing is Dinotrux by Chris Gall. Try that one...

    1. We own Dinotrux! It doesn't make my "Top 5 Truck Books" (coming later this week) but my kid sure likes it. He is so curious about how trucks poop and pee in that book. LOL.