Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fan Favorites - September 2016

Finally there's a feminist magazine, Kazoo, for girls who love science and climbing trees
 That's not to say that Kazoo is anti-princess. "I don't think there's anything wrong with princesses," Bried said. "I think pink is a beautiful color." But, she added, "I think it's wrong when that's the only thing we offer our kids."

The World's Happiest People Share their Parenting Secrets
What I love most about The Danish Way is it’s refreshing no nonsense approach to parenting, combined with realistic optimism, kindness and empathy. The ironic acronym used to remember the six pillars of this philosophy is PARENT. Here’s an insight into what the Danes do a little differently.

This Beloved Children's author Didn't Want a Funeral. She said read to a child instead.

“Be human, loving, and strong, and that will allow the children in your care to be human, loving, and strong,” she wrote. “Perhaps, the next time those children feel like hitting or pinching someone, they’ll hold off and ask for a hug from you instead.”

These LEGO pieces are electrical circuits.

Dollywood Adds Special Features for Kids with ASD
Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, an amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, are going the extra mile to help those with autism through a new ‘calming room’ for children with autism.

Bakey's Edible Cutlery

For Bakeys, the motivation behind Edible Cutlery is drawn from issues like environmental sustainability, climate change, and the global water crisis. Because the company’s spoons can be eaten after use and are completely biodegradable (if you’d rather not eat your spoon for any reason), Bakeys hopes the product will keep more plastic from ending up in landfills and contaminating natural water sources.

Turkish Engineers Just Made A Real-Life BMW Transformer

Dad and Daughter Inspire with Morning Affirmations
It doesn't have to take much, but a simple ritual like this can make such a difference in your life, in your children's lives, and in the lives of everyone you meet. Taking a moment to evoke your own worth and acknowledge the value of every person you interact with can only make our days brighter.

Get Your Children Good and Dirty

Researchers are discovering how crucial microbes are to our health and to avoiding a range of newly common diseases. So it’s time to get dirty, eat better and stop overusing antibiotics.

Dried Up Markers - Turn them into Watercolors!
Step 1: Collect your materials. You'll need:

- dried up markers
- water bottles
- funnel
- water

Step 2: Fill a bunch of little bottles with water.

Step 3: Place dried up marker in bottle and seal the bottle.
Step 4: Repeat with however many colors you want.

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