Monday, October 31, 2016

Terrifying Tools: A Preschool Engineer's Halloween

Squash season brings with it a unique opportunity to let our children wield tools. I have to admit that my blood pressure goes up any time hammers and nails are around but that doesn't mean I don't find times and places for my kids to try them out. Finding the right combination of materials is key...

Wood is "Too Hard"
Both of my children have had plenty of opportunities to hammer nails into wood. But oftentimes I find myself starting all the nails and then letting them pound them in. And the removing nails from wood is pretty hard to do, too.

(Not to say that it isn't worth trying.)

Play-doh is "Too Soft"
Play-doh is so soft that the children don't need a hammer to push pegs, nails, or golf tees into it. They can just push them in.

(Not to say that is isn't worth trying.)

Pumpkins are Just Right
Pumpkin flesh is a unique material for taking nails.  It is not as hard as wood; it isn't as soft as Play-doh.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

You can start by just letting your child pound nails or golf tees into a pumpkin. A pumpkin riddled with nails is an oddly satisfying thing to see.

Just Pounding Nails at I Can Teach My Child

If you offer a face already drawn on the pumpkin, then the nails or golf tees might become hair.

Hair at Choices for Children

Add string or rubberbands to kick it up a notch.

Nails and String at the Magic Onions

Nails and Geobands and Little Bins for Little Hands

Hand your child a pair of pliers and let them try pulling the nails or golf tees out of the pumpkin. Then hollow it out to create a starry-night pumpkin.

And more.... 20+ Pumpkin Hammering Activities at Living Montessori

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