Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cool Toy Alert: Toroflux

My kid came home from school raving about a toy he discovered in the principal's office. By the miracle of Google, I was able to find it my first try by typing "rings twirl connected toy" and what I found was something worthy of sharing here. It is called "Toroflux" by Flow Toys. One look at a still photo of this toy and it is no wonder that my kid picked it up...

...and after watching a video of Toroflux in action I understand why he fell in love.

A mesmerizing kinetic sculpture and an interactive "flow toy" that's like a 4th dimensional "slinky". It folds down in a spiral direction to form a ring of rings and with a subtle movement, it pops open into a full torus of interconnected rings, surprising everyone. Comes with a mini-biner, so you can easily clip it to your bag or belt loop and bring it everywhere to share and spread the fun :)

We managed to locate a knock-off one made by GeoFlux at our local awesome toystore. So we're heading out for my son to spend his allowance on it. 

For you, dear Preschool Engineering fans, I invite you to find it at your favorite local toy store or stash the idea away for a rainy day Amazon shopping spree. 

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