Saturday, April 22, 2017

Repetitive Play: Becoming Who They Are

It was spring semester of my freshman year. I had been living beneath the overcast skies of a Michigan winter for months. Things were dragging and I found solace in the strangest of places: differential equations.

In my dorm room, I sat at my desk and worked problems from the textbook. Then I worked them again. It felt good. The patterns, the rhythm, and the difficulty all gradually increased from 1 to 99. I did the set again. In fact, I did them over and over again. Differential equations became my mantra.

Weird? I know. But merely the academic manifestation of playing with your favorite thing, your favorite patterns. I remember finding great comfort in doing my maths homework over and over again. It seemed like a winning way to spend my time because I was escaping from the drama of dorm life by studying. (Brilliant!)

It turns out that comfort is just one reason repetition is good for you (and for your kids). Repetition invites us to be imagined participants rather than passive dummies. Consider how...

...How Repetition Strengthens

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