Monday, July 10, 2017

Usborne Books & More - Special Picks for Preschool Engineers

Finding Needles in Haystacks

Have you ever struggled to find high-quality books about trucks, machines, and other topics that are mechanically interesting and/or about STEM? Probably. Because I have, too. That's why I started this Preschool Engineer blog!

I've Found Some Needles for You

I have done some digging for you and found the Usborne books that I thought your Preschool Engineer would love. Why buy from the Usborne site?

  1. High-quality Books
  2. Buying through my site will help support me and ensure that I can continue bringing you awesome information about STEAM learning that you love. (I write this blog and manage the corresponding Facebook page because I am passionate about early childhood development and learning STEAM, but I would be grateful for some small income to support my time and effort.)
  3. You won't find Usborne Books for less. (I've searched other online and local sources and have not found them for less.)

Look at the Awesome Usborne Titles Below!

I have scoured Usborne titles for you and put together Special Picks for Preschool Engineers (and Beyond). Scroll down for more info...

That's Not My...
Speaking of grabbing hands… Usborne offers books that support sensory development with their Touchy-Feely Books.
Bonus learning: the “not” statements offer pre-Logic education.

If you asked your kiddo(s) to fill in the blank, “That’s Not My _____.” what would he or she say?
Search "That's" to see a whole list.

Big Books

The Big Books are Fold-out books for kids who have outgrown the Baby Fold Outs. Non-fiction topics are taught with BIG images, plus a little text, which is perfect for Preschoolers (and their grown-ups).
Which Big Book would work for your family? Machines? Space? Bugs? Dinos? Body?

See Inside and Illustrated Dictionaries
Elementary School Children still delight in books that are image-heavy. Look at these picks for your Preschool Engineers who have grown into Elementary-aged school children because you’ve been with me since the beginning...

Search "See Inside" Books (there are many many more topics) or "Illustrated" Dictionaries…

Shine a Light On
These books are neat because the design is so clever. Images are intentionally printed so that by shining a light from the back of the page the reader reveals the overlapping designs that are “hidden” images.
Check them out here at this video:
Shine a Light on Construction Site:

Where would your child hide with a flashlight and a Shine a Light On book?

Search "Shine" at the following website to see more than a dozen themed books!

Sticker Books for Building 2D
Stickers are always recommended for keeping little hands busy. My son was never compelled to play with stickers...until Usborne’s ROBOT book. And my daughter? Well since she was two she has just LOVED playing Dolly Sticker Dress-up.
Search "Sticker Dolly" to see a gazillion picks for dress-up.

Search "Build Your Own" to see all the machines one can build in 2D.

Any Doc McStuffins fans out there?
Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! Young readers will delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and be eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable stickers.

We LOVE the Wipe-Clean books, activity cards, and optical illusions by Usborne. Check out these titles to keep little hands interested and creative! There are options for all ages!!!

Search "Wipe" to see more than 40 choices and pick one or two that are right for your Preschool Engineer!

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers

Life's Biggest Questions (and Answers) in awesomely interactive Lift-the-Flap Books!
Search "Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers" to see all the awesome Q & A support offered to you and your Preschool Engineer by Usborne!

Story of...
For your Preschool Engineers who are now Elementary Engineers... More narrative, more information, same spirit of learning!
Search "Story of" to find these titles (and a few more).

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