Friday, March 11, 2016

Preschool Engineering Egg Hunt

It seems like there are so many opportunities to think of something small to give to a child to light up their eyes. I have written about small toys before including ideas for everything from stocking stuffers to party favors to valentines. The Easter Egg Hunt is another opportunity for discovery.

There are a lot of reasons you might not want to stuff the plastic eggs with candy. Allergies, nutrition,  and melting chocolate are all things that come to mind. So I am going to suggest that you think outside the chocolate box for the egg hunt this year and imagine what else you might put inside a plastic egg.

Construction Materials
- Ball of yarn
- washi tape
- miniature glue bottle
- stickers
- Post-it flags
- googly eyes
- puff balls
- miniature clips
- Squigz
- 1.25 oz Elmers glue
- glitter
- paint

Small Toys
- hot wheels cars
- creatures
- bubbles

Experience Gifts
- tickets for a ride on a carousel
- a trip to the ice cream store

You can find a variety of age-appropriate things to put inside your easter eggs. Let your imagination and your common sense be your guide.

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